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Fly head

Fly optomotor behaviour

Stabilising a Fly's Head

Flies stabilise their heads very quickly when disturbed in flight (the visual reflex takes approximately 25ms). Recent research indicates that this is thanks to a very simple mapping of motion detectors onto motor neurons which innervate the fly neck muscles. This projects proposes to build a simple implementation of this system as a proof of principle and, if time allows, to investigate issues related to the mapping and connectivity of neurons in the system. We have obtained from a collaborator a silicon implementation of the elementary motion detectors in the fly, and the project would take this, together with a small motor platform and microcontroller, and build a complete robotic system using (and adding to) software we are currently developing for real-time robot control.

Involved inside group:

Involved outside group:

  • Reid Harrison, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Utah

Recent publications:

Webb, B. and Reeve, R. Reafferent or redundant: How should a robot cricket use an optomotor reflex? Adaptive Behavior (2003), 11(3):137-158 (pdf)

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