Chris Adams


We are organising The Seventh International Conference on the SIMULATION OF ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR (SAB'02) - From Animals to Animats 7, which will be held in Edinburgh on August 4-11, 2002.

In conjunction with that we are also organising the following workshops:

about the group   The Mobile Robots Group is a loose collection of staff and students who share a broad approach to AI: intelligence will, in our opinion, be best understood

  • through the construction of agents which live autonomously in the real world,
  • using non-symbolic-logical tools: `behaviour-based' architectures, neural networks, genetic algorithms, ethology, control theory.
people The group comprises staff and research students.

research    Our research interests include navigation, reinforcement learning, learning by imitation, ethologically inspired learning, robot shaping, biological modelling, the use of formal methods in behaviour-based robotics, active vision.

publications   Some research papers by members of the group are available on-line.

teaching    The Department's undergraduate and Master's degrees offer several courses for students interested in our field.

robots    Some of the robots we use are simple Lego buggies; others carry a camera and a computer powerful enough for real-time vision. We have some online movies of Lego robots in action.

links    Useful links to robotics and AI related sites, and other groups in Edinburgh whose interests overlap with ours.

Part of the
Institute of Perception, Action, and Behaviour
Division of Informatics
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