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PhD successes

Here is a list of finished PhD dissertations, with links to abstracts where these exist on-line.

Yaoru Sun (2003) Hierarchical Object-Based Visual Attention for Machine Vision
Helmut Cantzler (2002) Improving architectural 3D reconstruction by constrained modelling
Herman Gomes (2002) Model Learning in Iconic Vision
Andrew Fitzgibbon (1998) Stable Segmentation of 2D Curves
David Wren (1997) Planning Dextrous Robot Hand Grasps from Range Data, using Preshapes and Digit Trajectories
Dibio Borges (1996) Recognizing Three-Dimensional Objects using Parameterized Volumetric Models
Edvaldo Bispo (1996) An Analysis of the Inspection of Mechanical Parts using Dense Range Data
Maurizio Pilu (1996) Part-Based Grouping and Recognition A Model-Guided Approach
Howard Hughes (1992) Recognition of Three Dimensional Objects Using Deformable Models
Li Dong Cai (1991) Scale-Based Surface Understanding Using Diffusion Smoothing
Michael Cameron-Jones (1990) Visual Interpretation of Lambertian Surface Deformation