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The Machine Vision Unit researches the transformation of raw signals into a symbolic representation, whether through initial investigation, an intermediate stage or (mainly) a final interpretation of the signal data into human concepts. Much of the research uses distance data acquired from a range finder.


As an academic group we are privileged in being able to research almost any interesting vision-related topics using a variety of raw data such as intensity images, range data, sonar, or stereo images. However, our major focus is the analysis of range data. We have been involved in all stages of this analysis since 1979.

About half our current research involves high-level analysis of range data, mainly reverse engineering of CAD models and identification of articulated models.

Other current projects include the automatic placement of cameras for generating virtual reality environments, and iconic vision in 2D.

A visit to our past research pages will give you a taste of some our our favourite past successes which contributed to the high-quailty track record of this research group.