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I am a visiting researcher from
CANON INC. (Japan) and working in Machine Vision Unit, Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour, School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh.  I am primarily working on the Mosque Project, which reconstructiong a realistic Computer Graphics model of the Edinburgh Central Mosque from Range Data obtained with laser range finders by using the triangulation technique, under Prof. Fisher's supervision.

Research Work

When a realistic 3D Computer Graphics model is constructed from real scenes, multiple color texture maps are often necessary.  Taking images from different view angles and with different camera settings creates mismatching colors due to lighting conditions.  To remove color discrepancies between the images, we proposed the Multiple Color Image Fusing methodSome results are shown here!

Paper published by IEEE 2004: Fusing Multiple Color Images for Texturing Models
Some programs have been implemented by MATLAB for the Mosque Projecte.g. Image Rectification (Homography Transformation), Luminosity Adjustment, Pairwise Color Image Fusion, Multiple Color Image Fusion, Data Creation and Image Reconstruction. (The source codes may be linked here.)
Here are some VRML models related to the Mosque Project. (The models may be linked here.)


The following links are homepages of the former researchers who worked on the Mosque Project.  Related and useful information may be obtained from the sites.


Machine Vision Unit
Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour
School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
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