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Research Projects
For past, ongoing & suggested student projects at MSc and Undergraduate level, click here.
  • Bayesian Multisensory Cue Integration [link]
  • Bayesian Locally Weighted Regression [link]
  • Context Estimation and Switching [link]
  • Adaptive Optimal Control for Redundant Actuators [link]

Grant Related Projects & Funding Agencies

Grant Agency: Microsoft Research and Royal Academy of Engineering
Project: Senior Research Fellowship in Learning Robotics to Sethu Vijayakumar
Project Duration: August  2007 - July 2011 // Status: PI
Grant Agency: EU Framework 6 IST Cognitive systems
Project: SENSOPAC: Sensorimotor structuring of Perception and Action for emerging Cognition  [link]
Project Duration: January 2006 - December 2009 // Status: PI
Grant Agency: EPSRC CASE studentship and HONDA Research Institute-Europe
Project: Controlling Humanoid Behaviour through Combination of Parameterized Cost Functions [link]
Project Duration: October 2005 - September 2008 // Status: PI

Archived Grants & Projects

Grant Agency: ERASMUS Mundus EuMI Research Grant
Project: Research Grant  to support Eminent Scientist visit [link]
Project Duration: April 2006-September 2006 // Status: PI
Grant Agency: EPSRC Collaborative Teaching Account (CTA)
Project: Support for upgrade of robotics teaching kits for IAR course
Project Duration: 2005-2006 // Status: co-PI
Grant Agency: The Royal Society UK
Project: Eye-Tracker Equipment Grant [link]
Project Duration: April 2004-March 2005 // Status: PI
Grant Agency: RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
Project Title: MAVERic: Oculomotor Experimental Vision Head [project site link]
Project Duration: May 2000-July 2003 // Status: PI